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This is the journal skin that was made to place it on the main page of my profile as a menu for my art project.
If you also want to make a menu for your account but do not know how I highly recommend this article FAQ12 - How do I add custom CSS to my profile?Information
Custom menus are literature deviations with a custom skin applied. They are displayed on your profile page using the Featured Deviation widget.While this trick is mostly used to create menus it can be used to create any kind of CSS styled content.This is a slightly more advanced topic and it will help if you are familiar with CSS and creating custom journal skins. I've added links to additional help topics throughout the tutorial for you to reference as and when you need them.Because this trick relies on the use of journal skins it can only be used by Core members.
To get started you'll first need a custom journal skin. Your skin can be anything from a navigational menu, calendar, fancy buttons or just about anything else you wish to create with CSS. You can design and code your own or you can

And if you want to make the backgrounds for widgets on the main page of your account and to make it creative, then to you will be very helpful this articles PE: Decorating Your ProfileCommunity Week
Your profile page is the first thing people will see when they click on your name, so it's very important to leave a good impression! This article will provide some useful tips and tricks for both premium and non-premium members who want to convert their profile into their own, unique page. First off, some Do's and Don'ts of profile decoration:
Use dA's profile widgets-- there are lots of great options to chose from
Show off some art (that's what people are here for!)
Express your personality through colors, stamps, gifs, etc.

Add so many images that your profile takes forever to load
Use garish or headache-inducing colors
Make text difficult to read with dark backgrounds
Non-Premium Widgets
While many widgets are restricted or locked for non-premium members, there are still a variety of great widgets that you can add to your profile, even without a membership.
PE: Profile Presentation: Tips and TricksProfile Presentation: Tips and Tricks
Your profile page can say quite a bit about what kind of person you are, and having a well-designed profile page will help ensure that your visitors leave with a good impression of you and your work. And if you do a remarkably fabulous job at designing your profile, people will not only be impressed, but they will also keep coming back to take another look. In this article, I will go over some useful tips and tricks for making your profile look professional but also personalized! :heart:
This article is mostly directed towards Premium Members, but non-Premium members can still use some of these concepts to personalize their page.
:note: In addition, for those who are new to profile decoration, I highly suggest reading my Decorating Your Profile tutorial first, as it goes over important basics of profile decoration. 

Basic Design Concepts

Before we get started,
AliceRitter Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a nice way to organise your gallery and easy to find on the main page, and these journals look very helpful :D
exobiology Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! Heart candy 100px by EXOstock
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