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Watchers are necessary, important, desirable and really appreciate!  I'll give watch back to all my watchers

In my account there are four main themes:

1. Landscapes

2. SGA Wraith fan art project

3. Evening sun creatures project

4. Abstraction

1. Landscapes

1.1 Water landscape

The evening wave by exobiology
Sunset on the sea by exobiology

1.2 Cloud landscape

Sunset between the clouds by exobiology
Sunset over the sea by exobiology
Purple silk by exobiology

1.3 Natural power

Erupting volcano by exobiology

1.4 Alien planets

Radioactive flowers by exobiology

1.5 Forest landscape

Wooden cottage by exobiology

1.6 Natural abstraction

Teguidda n Tessoumt by exobiology

2. SGA Wraith fan art project

These characters are based on Wraith characters from the TV-series Stargate Atlantis. In this fan art project I am trying to link all the pictures in the story

Wraith Queen Gwen and commander Boris by exobiology
Wraith Queen Sally by exobiology
Last moment by exobiology

3. Evening sun creatures project

This is my original project where I create the characters and their story and the whole environment. Planets, space and all the equipment. This project is a expression of my imagination.

Last rays of sun by exobiology
Evening sun creatures by exobiology
White flowers red magic by exobiology
Radioactive flowers by exobiology

4. Abstraction

4.1 Colored abstraction

Lava cave abstraction by exobiology

4.2 Black and white linear abstractions

Abstraction1-lineart by exobiology

I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle

Thank you all who watch my page!!!